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It’s time to say goodbye to Anxiety-------Temp Sense

Date:2016-09-13 Source:Healthwear Technologies

Do you also use traditional mercury thermometer?

The October of 2013, mercury thermometer will be eliminated due to The MinamataConvention. Do you still worry about measuring body temperature?

Maybe you still use Mercury thermometers, Electronic thermometer, Infrared thermometer or Ear temperature gun, and Stayed up the whole night, just worry about your children health ,and no mood to work.

Children heath receives much more attention right now.

May 11th 2016, Healthwear Technologies (Changzhou) Ltd launched a wearable temperature detection product-----The Flexible Intelligent Temp Sense in CES Asia 2016. It combined with advanced flexible printed technology of electronic technology and medical products in this world, And the Paper Battery technology belongs to Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry Co,.Ltd. It’s unique on the domestic market;it is real wearable temperature detection products according to the medical devices standards.

Temp Sense suits to patients which in the hospital for Continuous monitoring, children, and women temperature monitors and others who need temperature monitoring. It is pasted on the human body (armpit), measure scope is during 25-42°C, measurement accuracy from 35 to 40°C is ±0.05°C, The requirements is much better than the general medical electronic thermometer; It’s flexible and thickness is only 2.2mm, it’s also the thinnest Temp Sense in this world. It can provide convenient, accurate and continuous temperature monitoring in different place combined with its APP on mobile phone. It’s intelligent, safe, comfortable, and stable product.

May 13th 2016, this Temp Sense get third prize of China and the United States Maker Competition.Temp Sense is going to earn European Union CE Mark, Japanese and Chinese CFDA medical product registration, We believe that it will appear by the end of this year.