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Lead Product Verification Engineer 丨Sales &Marketing Department丨
  • WorkplaceChangzhou
  • DepartmentSales &Marketing Department
  • Release date2016-09-13
  • Working lifeMore than 5 years
  • Educational backgroundBachelor
  • Number of hiring1

Position Summary:

The role of Productverification engineer is to verify the design outputs to meet product requirements. Productverification

Key Responsibilities:

- Develop and manage master verification plan on each design project dynamically in alignment with project schedule and deliver the design verification test plan/protocol/report timely.
- Assist regulatory compliance certification process, participate regulatory preliminary review on early design phase, provide inputs on design for regulation, support design improvement against regulation and connect to certification bodies/agents to complete certification.
- Develop reliability test plan with rational sample size and proper math models against failure-induced stresses.
- Develop test protocols, methodologies and proper testing fixtures and implement testing or tutor technicians to complete tests.
- Conduct test results analysis with statistic techniques and give independent judgment on design quality.
- Assure test data integrity, organized, traceable and documented.
- Assure the quality of the design outputs.

Qualifications Required:

- BS or higher in instrumentation automation, biological engineering, electrical or electronic engineering, Electro-mechanical or similar.
- At least 5 years work experience in testing, verification & validation.
- Fundamental knowledge of statistical analysis techniques to assess whether design outputs have a statistically capable design and to identify special cause variation that should be investigated.
- Physical failure Knowledge to be capable to dig out failure mechanism and root cause.
- Knowledge of how to design and execute or organize a life test, EMC,safety and use statistical technique and math model to estimate new product lifetime.
- Fundamental skills to utilize statistics, reliability engineering and failure analysis on design verification practice.
- Experienced knowledge of electrical safety standards, EMC standards or related IEC or GB standards for medical devices, environmental test standards and reliability engineering standards.
- Knowledge of DOE in designing good tests to answer questions.
- Good communication skills in Chinese and English.