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1.What is Temp Sense?

It is a smart thermometer that can monitor the body temperature continuously.

2.Why do we need Temp Sense?

It overcome the disadvantage of the traditional mercury thermometer which is easily broken, easy to pollute the environment. It can monitor temperature remotely without disturbing and continuously monitor temperature for 48 hours.The patch sends temperature record to compatible Android or iOS device via bluetooth 4.0. and then monitor their temperature from the next room, allowing them to sleep soundly. It’s intelligent, safe, comfortable, and stable product.

3.Who is the target group of Temp Sense?

This device is single-use and intended for armpit temperature measurement for persons of all age type.

4.How secure Temp Sense is when pasted on the human body?

The patch which is disposable to prevent cross-infection is safe to wear and stays securely in the place.